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Information and Communications Technology and Policy

Information and Communications Technology and Policy
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    • Digitalization enables advanced manufacturing in Jiangsu, serves the country and constructs a new development pattern
    • LI Qianmu, HOU Jun, SUN Zhiqiang
    • Information and Communications Technology and Policy. 2022, 48(10): 1-5. DOI:10.12267/j.issn.2096-5931.2022.10.001
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    • With the development of digital economy, digital empowerment has become the core of the national strategy to build a new development pattern. By recognizing the opportunities and challenges of digitally enabled manufacturing transformation, this paper analyzes the problems faced by Jiangsu digitally enabled manufacturing transformation from three levels of industry chain, enterprises and policies, and points out that in the process of Jiangsu digitally enabled manufacturing transformation, it is necessary to improve the institutional mechanism, promote infrastructure construction, highlight independent and controllable, and realize integrated development, so as to provide theoretical guidance for digital transformation to serve the nation in building a new development pattern.

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    • Suggestions on construction and development of Industrial Internet parks in China
    • FAN Sen, JING Haomeng, LU Tianfeng, LI Haihua
    • Information and Communications Technology and Policy. 2022, 48(10): 15-18. DOI:10.12267/j.issn.2096-5931.2022.10.003
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    • Park economy is an important experience of China’s economic development since the reform and opening up. It explores valuable experiences and models for China’s industrial economic development, and also an important carrier and platform of China’s economy. With the rapid development of digital economy, the development of digitization and intellectualization has become an important driving force to promote the global economy and industrial transformation. In order to continuously promote the high-quality development of parks, the digital transformation of parks has become an inevitable trend. Especially in the background of the accelerated application of Industrial Internet, the role of Industrial Internet parks as innovative carriers in the process of promoting the digitization of parks has become increasingly prominent. Based on this, this paper summarizes the existing problems and development trend of industrial parks in China, discusses the value and significance of industrial internet parks as innovative carriers, and puts forward the overall ideas and suggestions for the construction of Industrial Internet parks.

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    • A security scheme of enterprise park networking based on 5G SA+MEC
    • HU Zhaoxuan, ZHANG Jianmin, FENG Xiaoli
    • Information and Communications Technology and Policy. 2022, 48(10): 19-27. DOI:10.12267/j.issn.2096-5931.2022.10.004
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    • Multi-access Edge Computing (MEC) on a 5G SA (Standalone) network has the advantages of low latency, large bandwidth, and high computing power. By using the 5G SA+MEC networking, enterprises can realize locally processing of production and management data, reduce delay and congestion of network, and obtain a better quality of service. Due to the introducing of technologies like container and virtualization at the edge of 5G network, and exposing network capability to the applications it carries, MEC faces different security threats in access network, transmission network, MEC platform, data security, management of operation and maintenance and other aspects. It is necessary to focus on the common security threats which 5G SA+MEC networking is up against, corresponding security schemes and typical cases.

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    • Design and application of AGV or mobile robot intelligent operation and maintenance system based on 5G and Industrial Internet of things
    • XIA Pengcheng, CUI Jixuan, MA Chuan, LI Jun
    • Information and Communications Technology and Policy. 2022, 48(10): 28-36. DOI:10.12267/j.issn.2096-5931.2022.10.005
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    • Automated guided vehicles (AGV) and mobile robots have gradually become important equipments in warehouse logistics and industrial production, and the demand for monitoring and maintenance of such equipments increases dramatically. To alleviate such concern, an intelligent operation and maintenance system of AGV or mobile robot based on 5G and Industrial Internet of things is proposed, including the construction of 5G network, the construction of intelligent operation and maintenance platform, the building of operation and maintenance business application, as well as the training and optimization methods of fault model based on transfer learning and federated learning. Finally, the system has been deployed in the practical production environment of the enterprise, and the effectiveness of the proposed design has been verified by real data, which is collected, pre-processed, trained from the real operation environment.

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    • Analysis and solution of interconnection problems of industrial field equipment
    • WANG Linkun, LIU Dan, GONG Yanjie
    • Information and Communications Technology and Policy. 2022, 48(10): 37-42. DOI:10.12267/j.issn.2096-5931.2022.10.006
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    • The deep integration of information technology and manufacturing industry has promoted the rapid development of intelligent manufacturing and Industrial Internet. However, there are a number of problems in the industry, such as various types of equipment, various equipment manufacturers, different interfaces, and many communication protocols, which lead to the existence of unconnected “information islands” between equipment. Therefore, current status and problems of the interconnection and interworking of industrial field equipment are analyzed from three aspects: industrial communication, field devices integration, standardization. Then a standardized and reusable solution for the interconnection and interworking of industrial field equipment is proposed in which OPC UA, information model and gateway platform are integrated as a whole.

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    • Research on new identity resolution technology
    • NI Dong, HUO Ru, ZHANG Yuwen, HUANG Tao
    • Information and Communications Technology and Policy. 2022, 48(10): 43-51. DOI:10.12267/j.issn.2096-5931.2022.10.007
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    • The identity resolution system assigns identities to physical objects and virtual objects, and connects objects through the network,realizing the interconnection of all things.The development of these systems gradually exposes various problems, such as system architecture defects and data security. In order to solve these problems, the traditional identity resolution system could be improved to a decentralized identity system with blockchain technology, which could eliminate the central node of the network. This paper firstly introduces the challenges of the existing identity resolution system. Furthermore, it elaborates the enabling technologies, research status and industrial application of the decentralized identity system. Finally, the future development of the identity system is concluded and prospected.

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    • Mechanism + data fusion modeling method in digital twin system for industrial internet
    • LI Shuo, LIU Tianyuan, HUANG Feng, XIE Xin, ZHANG Jinyi
    • Information and Communications Technology and Policy. 2022, 48(10): 52-61. DOI:10.12267/j.issn.2096-5931.2022.10.008
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    • The development and prosperity of the Industrial Internet have brought a novel paradigm to the academic and industrial communities - Data-intensive Scientific Discovery. The modeling method of fusion physics mechanism and data driven is one of the research hotspots,which can provide efficient and flexible analysis tools for future digital twin system. This approach can benefit from both mechanism simulation (interpretability and generalization ability) and data-driven model (flexibility and learning ability), especially in the deep learning architecture. In this context, this paper focuses on the mechanism + data fusion method in the digital twin system for Industrial Internet. Firstly, the basic mathematical principles and modeling methods are established, while the differences between mechanism + data fusion modeling and traditional models are compared. Then, machine-learning model selection, physics mechanism constraints, and actual task requirements are introduced in detail, and the recent research progress and development are summarized. Finally, the actual application scenarios of this method are reported from three perspectives, including design optimization, manufacturing, and operation maintenance.

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    • Identification method of behaviors in OT security based on data change rate detection
    • MA Xiao, YUAN Liuji
    • Information and Communications Technology and Policy. 2022, 48(10): 62-68. DOI:10.12267/j.issn.2096-5931.2022.10.009
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    • With the continuous integration of IT and OT, the information security problems no longer exist only in the IT network. Due to its own vulnerability, the OT network has a larger attack surface and wider scope of impact. Due to various problems such as compatibility, computing resources, and fault tolerance, traditional IT security technology is not fully suitable for OT security. Therefore, how to build effective OT security system and ensure normal production process has become the common issue of both automation and information professionals. In this process, some IT security technologies need to be upgraded and trimmed according to the characteristics of the OT field.

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    • Research on over-the-air performance testing methods for millimeter-wave massive MIMO
    • SUN Hao, WU Xiang, PAN Chong
    • Information and Communications Technology and Policy. 2022, 48(10): 79-86. DOI:10.12267/j.issn.2096-5931.2022.10.012
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    • In this paper, over-the-air (OTA) testing for millimeter-wave (mmWave) massive multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) devices is taken as the research background, which aims to study the impact of charac-teristics of mmWave channels on the OTA testing system. Further, the suitaable algorithms for mmWave channel emulation and OTA testing system are studied to evaluate the performance of mmWave devices in the anechoic chamber. Unlike the OTA testing in the Sub-6 GHz frequency band, the specific characteristics of mmWave channels are analyzed successively, such as large bandwidth, sparsity, dynamic characteristics and spherical wavefront, and each of which will have a significant impact on the structure of the OTA testing system and the theory for channel emulation. Moreover, two kinds of system models and their implementation principles that can be used for the mmWave OTA testing are elaborated. Finally, the defects of mmWave channel emulation based on spatial correlation are discussed, and the significance and advantages of spatial spectrum based metric are also analyzed. Furthermore, how to quickly determine the probe weights at any time is proposed in this paper.

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