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Information and Communications Technology and Policy

Information and Communications Technology and Policy
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Current Issue

    • Thoughts on several basic problems of Industrial Internet
    • YAN Yan
    • Information and Communications Technology and Policy. 2021, 47(1): 1-4. DOI:10.12267/j.issn.2096-5931.2021.01.001
    • Abstract ( 905 )   
    • This paper analyzes the background of the new round of industrial reform represented by the Industrial Internet, discusses the essence and connotation of the Industrial Internet by combining with the relevant theoretical concepts and the actual cases of enterprises, points out that the basic logic of the Industrial Internet is to solve the problems of coordination and efficiency, and puts forward the fundamental approach to the implementation of the Industrial Internet and the overall suggestions for industrial development.
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    • Research on collaborative manufacturing based on Industrial Internet identifier resolution system
    • ZOU Bo, HOU Xiaoming, HUANG Zhenlin, LIU Baoyue
    • Information and Communications Technology and Policy. 2021, 47(1): 14-19. DOI:10.12267/j.issn.2096-5931.2021.01.004
    • Abstract ( 453 )   
    • In order to realize the networked collaboration and intelligent production of all production factors, and solve the problems of collaborative design and production caused by different regions, different enterprises and different coding systems in the production process, as well as incomplete product traceability, the identifier resolution system based on Industrial Internet platform is designed. Different enterprises, orders, equipment, materials, production processes, products are registered and analyzed in real time on demand. The corresponding intelligent demonstration production line is designed to realize the whole process independent control in the personalized customization mode, and the digital twin and image recognition technology are integrated to test and verify the effectiveness of the system based on the Industrial Internet in heterogeneous production status.
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    • Research on surface micro-defect detection method and application
    • CHEN Hu, WANG Cheng, LU Renqian
    • Information and Communications Technology and Policy. 2021, 47(1): 20-26. DOI:10.12267/j.issn.2096-5931.2021.01.005
    • Abstract ( 480 )   
    • Surface micro-defect detection has a pivotal position in the industrial field. At present, a large number of manual or traditional machine vision methods are still used for surface micro-defect inspection, which leads to unstable defect detection accuracy on the sub-micron level, which are difficult to be fully promoted in the industrial field. The surface micro-defect detection method based on multi-technology fusion combines the latest object imaging technologies, cloud computing, AI and 5G and other cutting-edge technologies to establish a micro defect detection system to accurately detect defects in the micro field with fast recognition speed and high accuracy, low cost, strong traceability, data analysis, intelligent counter-control, etc., which overcomes the shortcomings of traditional detection methods, such as single-point detection, low accuracy, high cost, lagging response, poor analysis, and weak system.Finally, the application of this technology in typical industrial scenarios is discussed.
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    • Construction of data transfer mechanism from shipbuilding to operation
    • ZHANG Shuo, DENG Yibin , FAN Shidong, GAO Yongan, CHEN Ming
    • Information and Communications Technology and Policy. 2021, 47(1): 27-33. DOI:10.12267/j.issn.2096-5931.2021.01.006
    • Abstract ( 360 )   
    • At present, the data from ship manufacturing to operation is mainly transmitted by description documents. A large number of documents make the initialization of ship maintenance management system cumbersome and difficult.In order to solve this problem, firstly, the data demand of ship maintenance is analysed, and the data generated in the upstream manufacturing process is sorted out. A data transmission mechanism based on the data demand of ship maintenance management system is constructed by using handle identification analysis system. Then, the data transmission from ship manufacturing to operation process is illustrated by taking the domestic sewage treatment plant of Changshi 10 as an example. The data transfer mechanism based on identification analysis system can effectively improve the efficiency of data transfer from ship manufacturing to operation, reduce the difficulty of initialization of maintenance management system, and improve the level of ship maintenance management.
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    • Suggestions on the digital transformation in the industry of advanced equipment manufacturing
    • YANG Bo, ZHAO Xiongfei, NING Yuanming
    • Information and Communications Technology and Policy. 2021, 47(1): 34-37. DOI:10.12267/j.issn.2096-5931.2021.01.007
    • Abstract ( 604 )   
    • With the in-depth integration of new-generation information technology and advanced manufacturing technology, intelligent manufacturing has become an important way for the transformation and upgrading of advanced equipment manufacturing enterprises in the new era. This paper analyzes the development situation of advanced equipment manufacturing industry and the challenges faced by enterprises under the wave of the digital economy,puts forward the connotative development path of advanced equipment manufacturing via intelligent manufacturing, and proposes specific recommendations on how enterprises can promote the planning and construction of intelligent manufacturing.
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    • Database service ecology and system in China
    • GAI Guoqiang, YANG Tingkun, XIE Jun, HUANG Chenning
    • Information and Communications Technology and Policy. 2021, 47(1): 57-62. DOI:10.12267/j.issn.2096-5931.2021.01.012
    • Abstract ( 488 )   
    • In the era of big data, data, as a primary force, has been rooted in the scientific and technological basis of various industries. With the help of intelligent technology, data is playing a decisive role in production and life. As a key form of data management, database service is also forming a unique ecosystem. This paper analyzes the current situation of China􀆳s database service ecology under the background of big data era, and elaborates in detail from the service definition, service scope, service form, service quality and market scale, hoping to provide valuable reference for the construction of China􀆳s database service ecology.
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    • The way to break the situation of copyright management under the background of 5G
    • FENG Zhe
    • Information and Communications Technology and Policy. 2021, 47(1): 63-67. DOI:10.12267/j.issn.2096-5931.2021.01.013
    • Abstract ( 281 )   
    • The integration of cultures and technologies such as big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, internet of things brings unprecedented opportunities to the digital content industry,making copyright governance face various difficulties and challenges. This paper starts with the copyright issues caused by hot technologies,on the real causes of copyright governance dilemma from the perspective of communication interests, circulation rules and responsibility distribution. It is suggested that the effective way to solve the copyright dilemma under the new situation is to keep the balance between the protection and application of copyright, to innovate the means and mode of governance.
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    • Prospect of 6G vision requirements, network architecture and key technology
    • LIN Deping, PENG Tao, LIU Chunping
    • Information and Communications Technology and Policy. 2021, 47(1): 82-89. DOI:10.12267/j.issn.2096-5931.2021.01.016
    • Abstract ( 969 )   
    • While 5G is being commercialized worldwide, academics and industries circles have carried out 6G research.To tackle the challenge of coverage, capacity, user data rate and movement speed of mobile communication system, a more comprehensive discussion of 6G is given. Firstly, it describes the vision, usage scenarios and requirements for 6G networks, then presents a 3D intelligent network architecture that integrates space, air, ground, and underwater networks to provide ubiquitous and unlimited wireless intelligent connectivity. Finally, by extensive research and analysis, it obtains twelve potential key technologies for 6G network including space-air-ground-sea integration,artificial intelligence, and terahertz, as well as their relationship with usage scenarios and performance requirements.
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