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Information and Communications Technology and Policy

Information and Communications Technology and Policy
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Current Issue

    • The high-quality development of China’s telecom operators’video services
    • HAN Rui
    • Information and Communications Technology and Policy. 2018, 44(12): 6-9.
    • Abstract ( 209 )   
    • In the context of the weak growth of traditional communication services, video services is considered to be a new business growth point for telecom operators. domestic and foreign operators have accelerated their deployment in the video field. This paper first summarizes the deployment methods of typical video services of foreign operators, then analyzes the development status of the domestic video industry, clarifies the development challenges faced by operators,and advises operators on the high quality development of video services from platform, content and operation.
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    • ICT service model reform with building platform and open cooperation
    • LIUJinchao
    • Information and Communications Technology and Policy. 2018, 44(12): 10-13.
    • Abstract ( 190 )   
    • With the rapid development of industrial Internet, the demand for enterprise ICT services has changed dramatically. Tradition mode and products of enterprise ICT services for telecom operators also need to be reformed urgently. The mode of providing single service by one's own efforts can no longer meet the needs of enterprises. To build platforms,open cooperation and entering key vertical industries have become the mainstream mode of operation.
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    • Comparison and analysis of IDC services by Chinese and the United States telecom carriers
    • YUAN Bo
    • Information and Communications Technology and Policy. 2018, 44(12): 17-20.
    • Abstract ( 247 )   
    • In recent years, the US telecom carriers, which had taken the lead in the field of IDC services, have gradually withdrawn from the IDC market, while Chinese telecom carriers are enthusiastic about developing IDC services, and regard cloud services as a blue sea market to promote the digital transformation of enterprises. Chinese and the US telecom carriers show opposite attitudes towards IDC services. The main reason is that Chinese telecom carriers occupy a dominant position in the traditional IDC field, and the business continues to grow steadily. However, the IDC services
      of the US telecom carriers continues to decline because of the fierce competition from powerful third- party IDC op erators. In the long run, Chinese telecom carriers are facing less competitive pressure at this stage, but they will face the competition as fierce as the United States in the future. Therefore, Chinese telecom carriers should take precautions, take the US telecom carriers as a lesson, strengthen fine operation, enhance product competitiveness, innovate operation mode, and build an open ecosystem.
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    • Design strategy of data center room for 5G evolution
    • YU Fudong, LIU Boshi, DONG Lihua
    • Information and Communications Technology and Policy. 2018, 44(12): 21-24.
    • Abstract ( 208 )   
    • At present, the operator’s data center room mainly includes the whole network data center, the province’s data center (communication room), the city data center (communication room) and the important gathering node room. Taking into account the future communication room positioning, structure, supporting and for the 5G network evolution needs, the whole network data center and the province’s data center will be unified evolution as the core DC; city data center (communication room) and important convergence node room will evolve for the edge of the DC. This paper analyzes the present situation, demand and structure evolution of the data center room, and sums up the strategy of the construction of the data center room in order to guide the construction of the communication room in the next 3~5 years.
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    • CiteSpace-based visualization analysis of big data literature
    • SUNWenfeng, QIU Yanjuan, GAO Yan
    • Information and Communications Technology and Policy. 2018, 44(12): 25-31.
    • Abstract ( 254 )   
    • With the arrival of information and network era, the development of big data has been paid more and more attention. This article selected 19698 big data related literature(2012-2018) from the Web of Science core database, and did an visualized analysis based on information visualization software CiteSpace. This paper analyzed the big data literature from the aspects of countrys, research institutions, references, key words and brust terms. It clarified the research status and important literature in the field of big data, and revealed the research hotspots and frontiers. Finally, this paper gave some suggestions on the aspects of institutions cooperation, research direction selection, key generic technologies and big data application.
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    • Accelerate the high-quality development of IDC to promote digital economy
    • WANG Qing, GAO Yan, CHENG Bochao
    • Information and Communications Technology and Policy. 2018, 44(12): 38-41.
    • Abstract ( 206 )   
    • IDC has become an important carrier for digital economy and supporting the strategic layout of the new generation of information technology. It plays an increasingly prominent role in cultivating new modes and new formats, promoting entrepreneurial innovation, and assisting the adjustment of the economic industrial structure. It is a national big data strategy. With the rapid application of 5G, Internet of Things, big data, artificial intelligence and other new-generation information technologies,the intensive and balanced development of IDC will provide strong support for the development of China's digital economy.
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    • Code division RF identification supports Internet of Things to ubiquitous access
    • LIU Libai
    • Information and Communications Technology and Policy. 2018, 44(12): 42-46.
    • Abstract ( 156 )   
    • The Internet of Things expects ubiquitous access support, including enabling and access. HF RFID and its previous RFID are limited to individual enabling and access. The current UHF RFID makes the Internet of Things community enable the demand to be implemented sequentially through collision arbitration protocols, which is still an individual enabling and access method. Due to its ability to resist tag collisions and reader collisions, code division radio frequency identification can also build corresponding system modes by selecting appropriate system parameters, and can meet the ubiquitous access needs of various groups of the Internet of Things.
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    • Research on block chain security test scheme
    • FU Kai, NI Ping, CAO Yuan
    • Information and Communications Technology and Policy. 2018, 44(12): 64-67.
    • Abstract ( 196 )   
    • The block chain technique has become a trend topic in recent years.The prospect of block chain application is highly valued and widely concerned by governments, research institutes and enterprises. It is considered the fifth disruptive inno vation in computing after mainframes, personal computers, the Internet, mobile/social networks. It is the fourth milestone in the evolution history of human credit, after blood credit, precious metal credit and central bank paper credit.With the development of technology, block chain applications and projects emerge in endlessly, and its security problems cannot be ignored. In recent years, security incidents in this filed has been increasing day by day, resulting in serious consequences and economic losses of hundreds of millions of dollars. This paper survey on the security risks faced by block chain technology from multiple perspectives and explores the security testschemeof block chain technology.
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