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Information and Communications Technology and Policy

Information and Communications Technology and Policy
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Current Issue

    • Research and development analysis of data center architecture and integration optimization
    • GUOLiang, QIANShengpan
    • Information and Communications Technology and Policy. 2019, 45(2): 1-5.
    • Abstract ( 238 )   
    • With the development of new information technologies such as 5G, AI and IoT, the demand for data centers is becoming more and more intense. Traditional five-tier data center architecture needs more integration optimization to meet the computing needs of various applications. In the future, the development direction of data centers will not be limited to cloud data centers.Edgenodes and computing centers will providemorecomputingpower inmoreapplication scenarios.

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    • Data centers support the rapid development of the digital economy
    • WANGYue, LI Jie
    • Information and Communications Technology and Policy. 2019, 45(2): 6-9.
    • Abstract ( 264 )   
    • With the rapid development of new technologies such as the Internet, cloud computing, and big data, the digital economy has become an important strategy for China’s economic development.As an entity of technological innovation and technology application, data centers has become key infrastructure for the development of information technology in all walks of life, providing strong support for the development of the digital economy. This paper mainly discusses the importance of data center as infrastructure in the development of digital economy, technology innovation and industry development hotspot of data center. Then summarizes the problems existing in industrial development and put forward corresponding strategic advice.
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    • ResearchonAI-oriented server technology
    • WANGFeng, ZHAOJizhuang
    • Information and Communications Technology and Policy. 2019, 45(2): 10-13.
    • Abstract ( 191 )   
    • Artificial intelligence (AI) is a hotspot at present, and its development poses a new challenge to computing power. As the main provider of computing power, AI-oriented server technology has become the focus in the industry. Firstly, this paper analyses the computing load characteristics ofAI, puts forward the general idea of designingAI-oriented server based on “CPU+”architecture, and then combs the key technology system of AI-oriented server from the aspects of computing chip, storage system, motherboard bus, network I/O, and makes a thorough analysis of the key technical elements. Finally, the future development trend ofAI-oriented server is prospected.
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    • Analysisonsecurity of Internet ofThings in China and suggestions for security scheme
    • ZHANGYuanjing, BIRan
    • Information and Communications Technology and Policy. 2019, 45(2): 35-39.
    • Abstract ( 214 )   
    • In recent years, the global Internet of Things (IoT) industry has developed vigorously. The basic telecom enterprises in China are also building the IoTconstruction base and promoting the development ofnewapplications.While the IoT industry grows rapidly, the IoT Security Technology lags behind. The IoT security problem is becoming more and more serious, which has become one of the obstacles to the development of IoT. In order to ensure the healthy and orderly development of IoT under the guarantee of the security system, it is recommended to promote promulgation of relevant policies and regulations, anddowell in industry supervision.
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    • Interpretation and consideration of typical security standards for industrialcontrol systems
    • LIU Xiaoman, YU Guangchen, WU Yulin
    • Information and Communications Technology and Policy. 2019, 45(2): 40-44.
    • Abstract ( 223 )   
    • As an important part of the industrial Internet, industrial control systems play an important role in the development of the industrial Internet. Industrial control systems are gradually becoming more networked, intelligent, and open. The importance of security standardization in industrial control systems has become increasingly prominent. The development of security standards for industrial control systems is of great importance for the protection of information security in industrial control systems. Domestic and foreign major standards organizations have formulated a series of security standards for industrial control systems in a targeted manner, which is of great significance for guiding the security industry of industrial control systems and the implementation of security deployment of enterprises. This article focuses on the analysis of the typical security standards of industrial control systems at home and abroad, and summarizes its characteristics and deficiencies. It serves as a reference for China to better develop industrial control system security standards and industrial Internet security standards, and finally put forward some targeted recomm endations.
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    • Blockchain security analysis and security protection suggestions for cryptojacking
    • CHENG Yexia, FY Jun, PENG Jin, DU Yuejin
    • Information and Communications Technology and Policy. 2019, 45(2): 45-51.
    • Abstract ( 207 )   
    • At present, many countries around the world attach great importance to blockchain technology and carry out research and application of blockchain actively. With the disclosure of a large number of blockchain vulnerabilities, blockchain security has caused great concern in the industry. The paper carries out the security analysis of blockchain, the security problem of which mainly focuses on blockchain vulnerabilities and the cryptojacking problem using current network maliciously. Besides, concerning to the cryptojacking, the paper introduces and analyzes its concept and attack situation, attack technology and process, detection methods, attack cases and security protection suggestions, etc. Finally, the blockchain application and security recommendations are proposed from the enterprise level.
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    • A study on the construction of big data regulation system in the view of data value
    • LIUYang
    • Information and Communications Technology and Policy. 2019, 45(2): 52-56.
    • Abstract ( 130 )   
    • with the wide application of big data, more and more companies are using big data to upgrade their services, creating better life. However, how to solve the by-products of big data, such as personal privacy leaks, is becoming a social problem. Big data governance, which aims to protect personal privacy and guide big data applications, is trying to find answers from the source. However, due to the pursuit of commercial interests, enterprises can’t eradicate the intrinsic motivation of avoiding big data governance. This has also resulted in the abuse of big data, black production and other issues. Big data regulation has become the responsibility and mission of regulatory authorities in the era of big data. The study identifies the basic elements of big data regulation - data, protocol and node, builds the model of big data regulation in the view of data value, and gives sugg estions on the construction of big data regulation system and the establishment of network information security protection system.
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    • Vigorously developing digital economy and accelerating the construction of Digital china
    • ZHANG Chunfei, FAN Xin
    • Information and Communications Technology and Policy. 2019, 45(2): 70-73.
    • Abstract ( 346 )   
    • At present, the world is entering a period of new economic development led by the information industry. The major countries in the world have taken the development of the digital economy as the strategic direction for seeking new competitive advantages. The Chinese government attaches great importance to the development of the digital economy. The report of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China clearly stated that it is necessary to build a digital China, and a smart society. Therefore, it is urgent to accelerate the development of China's digital economy, promote the formation of a new supply structure of deep integration of the Internet and the real economy, and strive to achieve a strategic shift in China’s economic development from quantity expansion to quality improvement, and further enhance China's economic supply quality and overall national strength. .
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